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June 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've been thinking about writting a blog for a long time now and had been going back and forth on how to start it. Finally decided that a cake, especially a fancy birthday cake would be the way. As a mother, preparing to celebrate her son's first birthday, I had all these ideas going through my head as to what I wanted the day to look like. I finally made a decision on the theme and was of to work, at the time as I was working on organizing his birthday party, I had no idea that the cake would get the attention it did.

You guessed it, it was a FC Barcelona themed birthday party! Did my then 1 year old know what was going on? No, was his father ecstatic? Yes, was I thinking even if he ends up never playing soccer and goes as far as having no interest in the sport at least his father got what he wanted for the most important birthday of Cristian's parents life? OH YEAH!!! Mission Accomplished!

Now for the details of the cake: Yes the soccer ball was a cake! Since it was both an adult and kids party and I wanted to keep eveyone happy I picked two cake flavors. The soccer ball, for the kids, was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and the base, for the adults was a red velvet cake with white chocolate butter cream. This amazing cake was made by Lucia from She was very helpful as well as knowledgeable and made my life so easy.

Can't forget the Cake topper, Barcelona's own Lionel Messi!

As for the FC Barcelona team they have had an amazing season and are the first team to win a treble twice!!! For all you fans who can't get to their website fast enough



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